About me

I am a token engineer, developer and designer in the blockchain industry. I’m passionate about the potential that public, open, decentralised blockchains have to improve our society.

My current focus is on token engineering, solidity and DApp development but I am also passionate about design.

I have experience in all aspects of the software development life cycle including quality assurance, product development, software development, design and software development methodologies such as SCRUM, Lean Agile and Kanban.

I started my first paid job as a programmer(designing and developing a game in C++) while I was in high school. Since then I have worked in a number of languages including Delphi, C#, Javascript, HTML and Ruby. I have learned OpenGL/OpenCl and Processing in my spare time.

I draw, paint and make mixed media art.

How I like to work

I am value driven and it is important for me to work in a team that shares those values.

I believe collaboration produces better quality work and actively seek input from others.

I like to work on long term projects with long term thinkers.

I work on an open, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant public blockchain protocols.

I want my contributions to have a positive impact on society.

I like working with self driven motivated people who are passionate about what they do.